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The Power of Collaboration

17 October 2017

An open letter from our inspiring Coach Dave, something that is not directly related to real estate however it touches on why surrounding myself with such a talented team is so important to me

Toronto Life House of the Week!

04 October 2017

$6 million for a home in the Beaches that’s actually on a beach


08 September 2017

Complimentary Zumba Classes

The Mastermind Group

01 September 2017

Have a peek at this round table of top realtors from various neighbourhoods around Toronto discussing today’s changing marketplace.

The DeClute Super Offer for August

01 August 2017

The Dog Market is bound to become your Dogs favorite place in the whole world, next to sleeping on your couch of course.


Summertime Real Estate

31 July 2017

The summertime brings with it a whole new set of real estate thoughts. Some of us are thinking about whether to add a pool or garden house to our backyard, or to take the plunge and do some amazing landscaping.

The DeClute Super Offer for July

01 July 2017

Receive $10 Fresh Bucks at Fresh Collective


A More Balanced Market for Toronto Real Estate

28 June 2017

It’s been many years since we have seen a market with declining prices in Toronto. The vast majority of our 50,000 real estate brokers and agents have never experienced a market in decline, and it’s not hard to tell.