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Selling your home or buying a new one is a major decision—and choosing a realtor you trust is the first step. How do you make sure you’re working with the right person or team? Here are some important questions you can ask to vet your realtor before moving ahead. 

Can you share your experience in my neighbourhood?

Think local. In addition to expertise on the current market at large, your realtor should be familiar with the neighbourhood in which you’re selling or buying. You can ask for recent examples of similar listings and outcomes in your area. 

How will we communicate, and how often? 

Communication is key on your real estate journey. Confirm with your realtor how they plan to communicate—by email, phone, text, etc.—and how available they (or a member of their team) will be to answer any questions you may have, or to show you listings if you’re buying. Ideally, they should be readily available during the process!

What are your marketing resources and strategy?

Since selling often comes down to how it’s marketed, find out how your realtor plans to present your home. Nowadays, there can be multiple components to a marketing strategy, including staging, video production, photography, social media presence and ads, flyers, and open houses. Find out what they recommend for your home, and how they’ll implement the strategy.

What do you see as the selling features of my home?

In order to market and find the best buyer for your home, your realtor should recognize the features that will appeal to others. While you may have an idea of why your home is attractive to people, your realtor can share which features are in demand and why.

How did you come up with the suggested listing price?

When your realtor comes up with a listing price for selling your home, encourage them to share how they arrived at that number. Ask what factors played into their decision, and to see comparable listings in the area. 

What do you think I need to do to prepare my home for sale?

Part of the selling process may include small repairs or maintenance to get your home ready for market. Your realtor can inform you of anything you can do to make your home look its best—from upgrading the outside for curb appeal to painting the interior. They can also let you know if staging is the right move to help sell your home.

What’s your commission rate?

As with any business transaction, you’ll want to know the numbers up front. Clarify the listing agent’s commission on the sale price of your home, and be sure to review any contracts before signing.

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