It’s a familiar conversation that we have with our clients at this time of year as we help them enhance their homes for the spring market. A little editing, a coat of fresh paint and a vase of fresh flowers go a long way to updating any space. Our clients tell us they always ask themselves, why they didn’t I do this sooner? It makes such a difference. Enhancing your home, even if you are not getting ready to sell is such a great way to beat the February blahs… a spring style makeover just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few simple ideas to bring the sunshine in and remind you why you really do love about your home…

The first step is a clean slate.

Be sure to tackle the holiday decor first. Pack up and put away all the holiday and winter items, including the outdoor lights weather permitting. Take the time to give your home a deep clean. We like to focus on natural, sustainable products and find that those are the products that smell the best as well. I love to pop into  Green & Frugal or even shop online. Because it is often dreary and damp looking outside it’s a great idea to give your windows a quick clean to bring in that sunshine so we can enjoy it as our days start to get a little longer. 

Although spring is not really yet in the air our homes don’t have to smell like the dead of winter. Enhance your indoor air with fresh citrus aromas to coax spring. Essential oils are a great way to keep the indoor air fresh. Fill your diffuser with some citrusy oils and you will smell love in the air. On that note add a bowl of fresh lemons, limes or oranges for a beautiful hit of colour. Add some fresh green leaves to the bowl to really make everything pop. 

Bring in the spring.

Adding some colour to the inside is a great way to make our home feel fresh and new. Change the slipcovers on your toss cushions or sofa, this can go a really long way to brightening up any room. Combine those bright new toss pillows with a colourful throw and you have a totally new look.  Speaking of spring add a floor plant to your favourite room or a small herb garden in your kitchen to really get a spring start. Re-evaluate your artwork, are you ready for an update? Something bold, bright and beautiful? A simple hit of colour can cure the winter blues quickly. On that note add a bowl of fresh lemons, limes or oranges for a beautiful finishing touch. Add some fresh green leaves to the bowl to really make everything pop. 

Candles are also a great way to set the mood.

An easy and affordable upgrade to enhance your space so you really feel the love is to set the mood with lighting, not just candlelight but also consider lamp light to accent your beautiful decor. There is an abundance of aromatic soy, beeswax and other natural candles in beautiful and interesting containers to choose from. A candlelit room can be very inviting, encourage close conversation and I can’t forget to mention, smells amazing. Add some beautiful magazines or a couple of books to a tray with some gorgeous candles and this will set the mood for a comfortable relaxing and cheery space. I guarantee you will want to cozy up there for your morning coffee and maybe even again for a glass of wine in the evening. 

For a finishing touch I always add tulips.

Tulips are my absolute favourite flowers, I think it’s because they are a sign of spring. They will add an abundance of mood and style. A fistful of tulips looks great in almost any vase in almost any room. I put them in a thin rectangular vase or a big round vase with a narrow top and keep clipping the stems until they really lay down.  Tulips will start out standing up strong and beautiful and then open up fully. As they begin to wilt they fall in the most artistic organic ways. Put a penny in the bottom of your vase to ensure they last as long as possible. 

Now that you have polished and prepped your home, sit back and enjoy the new ambiance you have created and fall in love all over again – just in time for Valentine’s Day. 


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