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Looking for a fall home renovation project? If you’re considering making improvements, it’s worthwhile tackling something that will add value to your home when you decide it’s time to sell. Here are 10 easy renovations to consider.

  1. Add a kitchen backsplash.

    Bare walls in your kitchen? Adding a simple backsplash is an efficient project that can transform a kitchen from plain to stylish.

  2. Upgrade lighting fixtures.

    Swapping out outdated or broken fixtures is a cost-effective and quick project that can have a big impact. A modern fixture changes the feel of a room aesthetically, and the type of lighting you choose can totally change the ambience of the space.

  3. A fresh coat of paint all around.

    While you may love that vibrant paint in your bedroom or the trendy, dark accent wall in your living room, those paint colours may not be everyone’s taste. Appeal to a wider range of potential buyers down the road by painting rooms a neutral colour (think off-whites and greys). Plus, it’s a fresh new look that you will enjoy in the meantime.

  4. Replace the garage door.

    Curb appeal is a big deal—you want your home to make a strong first impression when potential buyers come to view it, and since the garage door is large, it’s often the first thing they see.

  5. Upgrade the front door.

    Similarly, a beautiful new front door (with no cracks or chipped paint) is an easy upgrade and offers a warm welcome.

  6. Replace carpeting with hardwood or vinyl flooring.

    Carpet can seem outdated and it can trap odours over the years—not great when you want to sell your home. Replacing carpet with hardwood or affordable faux-wood vinyl options can give your home a boost in style and value.

  7. Install new windows.

    When buyers see old windows in a home, they picture one thing—big utility bills. Installing new, energy-efficient windows is an advantage. And if you qualify for a Home Efficiency Rebate, new windows may be more affordable than you think.

  8. Replace the roof.

    A roof that’s in poor condition is a big red flag when selling your home, and it will likely be noted in a home inspection. Replacing or fixing your roof before selling can help increase your home’s value, and you will enjoy energy savings in the meantime.

  9. Add smart home technology.

    These days, a smart home is a more valuable home. Even adding relatively low-cost smart home devices like smart thermostats, smoke detectors, door locks, watering systems, and appliances can be appealing to buyers.

  10. Finish the basement.

    A finished basement is a big draw when listing your home—new owners will be happy it’s a project they don’t need to tackle. A finished basement also increases the livable space of the house, which increases its value.

What home renovations do you plan to tackle before the year ends? If you’re making improvements with selling in mind, contact us today for a home evaluation.