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We’re over halfway through the year—have you tackled the home decor updates you’ve been dreaming about? If you’re still looking for easy ways to spruce up your indoor space while staying on trend, here are some ideas to consider before 2023 winds down.


We’ve been in a minimalist era for a while now (think neutral colour schemes, Scandinavian-inspired design, and wooden accents), but the opposite of this aesthetic is starting to trend. Go for a bigger and bolder maximalist feel by incorporating patterned rugs and wallpaper (try decals or peel-and-stick for less commitment), jewel-toned accents like furniture, curtains, and pillows, and gilded decor like lamps or mirrors.

Splashes of colour

Building on the maximalism theme, why not switch up paint colours to something a bit more interesting? Consider accent walls in earth tones like deep browns or burgundy, or moody shades like emerald, navy, or even black.

Fresh kitchen accents

Smaller updates in the kitchen can make a big impact, and you don’t have to stick to white subway tile. Stone backsplashes or shiny tiles, colourful cabinets, and unique knobs and handles add a little variety if you’re looking to refresh a subdued kitchen. 

New shapes

For a softer, timeless look, incorporate curves and arches at home this year. Converting all your doorways and windows to arches may be a big undertaking, but there are simpler ways to add this silhouette to your interior: try curved furniture, built-ins, or freestanding bookshelves, sculptural accent pieces like lamps, vases, and standing mirrors, or you can even paint arched silhouettes right on the wall for interest.

Sustainable materials

Sustainable living is top of mind for many right now, and it is becoming easier to make our indoor spaces more environmentally conscious. Choose natural materials like rattan, wool, linen, cork, and wicker which can be sustainably made (check how they’re produced), or better yet, scour community groups and shops for second hand, repurposed and responsibly sourced items. And of course, adding natural textures can help bring the beauty of Mother Nature indoors. 

What home design trends have caught your eye recently?