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It sure feels like spring has sprung, and though there’s technically still a while to go until spring’s official arrival, it’s not too early to start spring cleaning. If the thought of decluttering is stress-inducing, there are a few creative ways to get your home in tip-top shape as painlessly as possible. Here are four trending decluttering methods you can try out. 

The One-Hour Method

If it’s the time commitment to cleaning that feels daunting, this method is for you. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with tackling a massive cleaning spree, spend just one hour each day on a designated area to maintain cleaning momentum​​ — you can even set a timer. Soon all those hours will add up to one clean home. 

The Core 4

Need a mantra to get through spring cleaning? Focus on four steps — clear out, categorize, cut out, and contain — to streamline the decluttering process. With The Core 4 Method, first clear everything out of the room. Then, create an organizational system for categorizing with bins, containers, and shelving. Next, sort through the items you cleared out and throw out or donate as you go. The last step is to sort everything and keep it contained in the system you created. Voila!

30-Day Minimalism Challenge

Competitive types, this one’s for you. To declutter thoroughly, engage in a decluttering challenge where you increase the amount of items you give away, each day. For example, on day one, simply get rid of a single item. On day 30, tackle a really cluttered space, like the basement, attic, or garage, where you know you have 30 or more things you can clear out at once. 

The “Move Out” Method 

Pretending you’re moving is a great mental trick to help reassess the necessity of items in your home. To really make the “Move Out” Method effective, set a deadline (or a “moving” date) and determine whether you would actually take each item with you when moving. If the answer is no, toss or donate it. 

Samantha, Home Organizer with Sorted Spruce Organizing Solutions suggests that “once you have decluttered, maintaining your space is all about creating new habits to keep the clutter away. This might look like swapping out physical gifts for experience gifts for your family, using the one-in-one-out method for your clothing, or using a 15-minute timer to tackle whatever household task you are avoiding”

What’s your go-to method for decluttering your home?