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Canadians are expected to spend an average of $1,635 this holiday season, with $744 of that going toward gifts, according to PWC reports. These numbers may not sound too extreme if we imagine the gifts are bringing joy to our family and friends. However, the reality is that unwanted gifts eventually become guilty clutter in our homes. Clutter-free gifts are an option that won’t take up space in someone’s home by adding permanent clutter. These gifts could be anything from consumables, experiences, classes, memberships, or gifts of time. This season, here are a few clutter-free gift ideas that also support our local businesses.


Who doesn’t love a goodie bag of treats during the holiday season? You might be tempted to add in a kitchen gadget or a mug to round out your consumable gift, but those are exactly the items that become clutter in our homes. Stick to the “all-you-can-eat gift” this season.
  • Chocolates – check out the Nutty Chocolatier for some pre-made gift baskets.
  • Baked Goods – Birch Cliff’s highly anticipated new bakery Grayson’s Bakery is open.
  • Coffee & Tea – City Cottage Market offers their own coffee beans. Grab a bag or two for your coffee-loving friend. 
  • Alcohol – a classic gift for the holidays, you can find some unique options over at 99 Bottles


An experience is the only thing that makes us richer by spending money! The best part is that we keep the memory, not the clutter.
  • Private Chef – skip the gift-giving altogether and plan a night with Corbin’s Chef Table.
  • Dinner Out – grab a gift card from one of the many local restaurants. The Porch Light offers gift certificates for their fixed-price dinner, which makes for a great gift. 
  • Children’s Theatre – Young People’s Theater is a great alternative to a toy, with shows that are available to suit a variety of ages which all siblings can enjoy.


The new year has a way of inspiring us to try something new. These classes offer an opportunity to discover a new hobby and maybe even a passion without adding clutter to your home. 
  • Cocktail Making – Reid’s Distillery offers cocktail classes and Gin & Jazz Concerts, great for a date night gift.
  • Art – creative juices are flowing over at 4Cats Art Studio with many workshops suited to adults, teens and kids. 
  • Cooking – Little Kitchen Academy offers Montessori-inspired classes for kids ages 3-18. 


A membership is the gift that keeps on giving all year round, without stuffing your storage spaces. 
  • Yoga – there are lots of options to choose from at Beaches Hot Yoga. They offer yearly memberships, single classes, 10-class cards or an introductory month pass. Your inner yogi will thank you!
  • Science Centre – not too far away, the Ontario Science Centre offers memberships with lots of great perks. 
  • Toronto Zoo – a little farther, but worth the drive, the Toronto Zoo’s yearly membership makes for a great activity all year round. 


Busy people are always on the hunt for time. These services will save time and also keep the clutter out of your cupboards. 
  • Food Service – grab a gift card or schedule a one-time delivery from One Life’s meal plan delivery service. 
  • Home Organizing – an in-home consultation with Sorted Spruce Organizing Solutions is a great way to start your home organizing journey. 
  • Pet Grooming – we all like to be well groomed for the holidays. Check out The Dog MarketPaws in the Bath and other local pet grooming businesses for your pet lover this season.
Giving and receiving gifts are part of the holiday spirit for many of us. While it can be fun, it can also be a source of stress, especially if you are trying to keep your home clutter-free. While it can be difficult to discuss gift giving and receiving, having an open conversation with your loved ones is an important step in working towards the clutter-free life you desire. You can start the conversation by talking about the work you are doing in your home to declutter and organize. You can discuss your plans for clutter-free gift-giving, in the hopes that this sparks some inspiration. If all else fails, and you find yourself with guilty clutter lingering this holiday season, take this as your sign to let it go – give away or donate those items you don’t want or need and regain space and simplicity in your home. 
– Samantha Stermac, founder, Sorted Spruce

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