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Having a spare bedroom is almost a luxury these days, especially when everyone is maximizing every bit of space they have in their homes. If you have a spare bedroom, this is the perfect opportunity to create that highly functional space that you’ve always wanted or needed.

Wondering what to do with your spare bedroom? In this guide, we have compiled some great ideas for ways to transform your spare bedroom. Here are 5 unique ideas for a spare bedroom.

1.   Guest Bedroom

The most obvious idea for a spare bedroom would be to convert it into a guest room. Dedicating a room in your apartment for guests is a life saver, especially if you often have family and friends staying with you for any length of time. You won’t have to experience the stress of pulling out sofa beds and rearranging the house every time you have a guest. You won’t have to switch rooms because the guest room will be ready and waiting. If you do have last minute guests coming to stay, there are easy ways to get your home dust-free quickly for their arrival.

A guest bedroom should be inviting and comfortable, just like the other bedrooms in the house. There are plenty of ideas and details you can add to the guest room to ensure that your guests have a pleasant stay.

Most people move the furniture that they have replaced over the years into the guest room. This can be a great thing, especially if you take some time to restore the furniture to make it more presentable and comfortable.

That said, old mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows and furniture in disrepair do little to make a guest feel welcome. You can allocate a budget specifically for purchasing quality bedding and good furniture for the guest bedroom. Depending on your budget, you may need to prioritize your purchases and break down the design of the guest room into stages. Test it out on a few guests and you may end up with more frequent visits!

2.   Convert it into a home office

Because of the pandemic, more people than ever have been spending a lot more time at home. Everything from getting your work done to interacting with family and friends has moved online. Having a spare bedroom can be a real lifesaver in this situation.

Working from home is a different kind of hectic. There are distractions lurking around every corner, making it hard to concentrate. Also, working in other areas of your home such as the living room, family room, or kitchen can be challenging because of interruptions from other members of the household. Converting the extra space in your spare bedroom into a home office eliminates these distractions, allowing you to get your work done from home, in peace.

This is also the perfect opportunity to create your perfect office. There are plenty of trendy office furniture designs online that you could adopt into your home office. The furniture design should ensure that your workspace seamlessly blends in with the existing guest room decor.

You could also add a library, complete with elegant bookshelves, to enhance the elegance and decor of your home office. Having a comfortable office chair and a highly functional office desk will create a practical and peaceful place to study and get work done.

3.   Reading room

If you are an avid reader, converting the spare bedroom into a reading room is the perfect idea. Finding some peace and quiet at home to read with zero distractions can be quite challenging. There is always something happening that often takes the fun out of reading.

Creating a reading area where you can relax and get lost in a good book is a dream. It will boost wellness in your home, if this is something you desire. The good thing is that you don’t need much to convert your spare bedroom into a reading room – a comfy armchair, a bookcase filled with your favorite novels, a good lamp and voila, you have a hideout where your obligations temporarily melt away and you can get lost between the pages.

You could also set a couch against a wall so you can lay out fully and take leisurely naps in between chapters.

4.   Games and entertainment room

Another alternative is to turn the spare room into a games and entertainment room. This way, you’ll keep your inner child and the kids entertained while at home. There are plenty of fun activities to add to a family games room ranging from ping pong and pool to dominoes and darts. You could convert the room into your entertainment space and invite your friends too.

You could also have an adult-only entertainment space with your very own bar and barstools, and storage for glasses and drinks. You could also consider incorporating a mini fridge to keep the drinks cool.

If you are a film buff, you could convert the spare room into a home cinema, instead. Add a comfortable sofa for lounging on with a projector screen or a big screen TV and the room is set! You could also set up a mini fridge and a popcorn machine and you’ll have the perfect place for watching movies.

5.   Workout room

You could also convert the spare bedroom into a workout room. A home gym might just be what you need to get the motivation to exercise. Invest in a few pieces of workout equipment such as dumbbells or a weightlifting bench to create the perfect workout atmosphere.

Your spare bedroom could also become a home yoga studio. You could add a large mirror to help you check out your form. You could also add storage space for your yoga essentials and other gear.

Bonus idea: Turn it into a man cave!

A man cave is yet another extremely popular idea for a spare room. It is essentially a room to chill out and relax in. It is also a room to share with your friends if the living room is already occupied. A comfortable recliner chair and footstool, game controllers, and DVDs would make a good addition to the man cave. And don’t let the name fool you; both men and women can have caves!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it… our list of 5 unique ideas that can help you transform your spare bedroom into a highly functional space that will be well used.  Which one is your favorite?

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