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6 Tips for Low Maintenance Gardens and Landscaping

There’s something special about having a garden, and we all want ours to be beautiful and enjoyableespecially when it’s time to relax outdoors during the warmer months. But it can be hard to find a balance between spending time tending to your yard, and getting the chance to enjoy it. Here are a few easy tips to let you get maximum enjoyment out of your outdoor space, even if you don’t have a green thumb. 

Create pretty flower beds 

Neat and tidy flower beds add instant curb appeal to your home, but they don’t need to be high maintenance. Use bricks or stones to create a clean perimeter, add no-fuss flowers or shrubs, and fill the beds with dark mulch, river rocks, or pebbles for contrast. 

Select easy-to-care-for plants

Though you may want to plant your favourite flowers, it’s smart to choose plants and flowers for your garden that are climate-friendly perennials (meaning they’ll bloom every year and you don’t need to replant), and are easy to take care of. Try a few of these low-maintenance Ontario perennials to get started. 

Choose durable furniture 

Living in an all-season city like Toronto, it’s important to invest in outdoor furniture that can face exposure to the elements. Look for dining sets, sectionals, and lounge chairs in materials like wood (harder woods are more durable than soft woods), wicker, or aluminum that look fabulous and don’t need a lot of care, so you can sit back and relax. 

Opt for stone over grass

Let’s face it: a beautiful lawn comes with upkeep. Instead of worrying about watering, mowing, weeds, and pests, try patio stone landscaping instead. Not only is it a stylish option that’s perfect for patio furniture, but it’s durable and can last for years. Have your heart set on a lawn? Consider using artificial turf. 

Add a rain barrel

Try adding a chic rain barrel to your yard or under your downspout to make watering your garden even easierand more environmentally friendly. Save the extra step of unspooling the hose each time by keeping a watering can nearby to use the collected water.

Keep your tools handy

Half the battle of caring for your garden? Having quick and easy access to your tools. A cute, well-placed shed can help store everything you need to care for your yard in one spot, without needing to trek to the garage. 


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