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When festive wreaths start appearing on front doors, it’s a sure sign that the holidays are approaching. And while some condominiums have rules that do not allow residents to hang wreaths on their doors, there are also many other ways to incorporate wreaths your home decor. Here are a few.

As a centrepiece

Instead of hanging your wreath, lay it flat in the centre of your dining table when you’re hosting friends and family for the holidays. Place large candles or glass votives filled with baubles in the middle for height. A wreath makes a great display for a cake stand at dessert time, too.

In your kitchen

Kitchen cabinets make an ideal backdrop for hanging mini-wreaths, as do oven range hoods. 

Above your bed

Wake up in a joyful mood each morning when you glimpse a pretty wreath poised above your head. Tip: Keep real evergreen wreaths out of the bedroom, unless you want to deal with falling needles in your bed.

In your windows

Windows or glass patio doors are perfect options for displaying wreaths—and you can even hang them inside to protect them from the elements. 

Above the fireplace mantel

Hanging a wreath—or two, if you have the space—above the fireplace mantel brings instant warmth to a room. Add tall candles, other holiday decor pieces, and a matching garland to tie the whole display together. 

On a mirror

Have a large hanging or floor-length mirror in your home? Hang a wreath from the top with a ribbon to really make a statement.

As a faux chandelier 

If you’re willing to get crafty, you can DIY a holiday ‘chandelier’ with a wreath. Simply suspend it horizontally from the ceiling (it would look great over the dining table) with clear fishing line, attach lights, and hang ornaments in varying lengths.

What’s your favourite way to decorate with wreaths over the holidays?