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Itching to refresh a few rooms at home, this year? The 2023 design trends have arrived, and there’s no shortage of inspiration to liven up any space. Here’s what’s trending. 

Try a gallery wall

Looking for a way to really personalize a space? Go for a gallery wall to show off a range of artwork and photos—not to mention incredible frames. These displays add interest to a stairway, dining room, or living room wall and are here to stay.

Go back to school with dark academia

Cozy, literature-inspired and just a little bit spooky, the dark academia aesthetic speaks to days spent curled up in front of a roaring fire with a good book. To channel this trend, use rich, dark paint colours like burgundy, navy and even black, choose furniture in dark woods stains, and layer in luxurious textures like leather and velvet.

A dose of disco

A nod to the ‘70s is a big decorating trend for 2023, which is great news for disco lovers. Incorporate a disco ball as a centrepiece, accent decor, or use it as a way to infuse sparkling light into any room for a bit of old-school fun (and dance parties).

Think earthy

For a more nature-inspired look, earth tones—especially deep brown hues, creamy whites, and terracotta oranges—are in style this year. Bring the outdoors inside by swapping out accent pieces, bedding, and linens for a grounded feel.

Blend old and new

For a truly unique look at home, why not combine the best of old and new? Certain pieces like vintage rugs, thrifted gems, and mid-century furniture are best aged, while newer decor like throw pillows, plants, and on-trend paint colours add a modern-day feel.

Opt for arches

Consider the visual interest of soft arches in your home for 2023. Instead of committing to window and doorway renovations, you can incorporate this trend with curved furniture, arched mirrors, or even wall decals that add an arch-like backdrop.

See green in the kitchen

Bring an organic feel into the hub of your home by giving cabinets a makeover—in green. Nature-inspired shades that range from sage to hunter green are springing up this year, and it’s a relatively simple change that will make a huge impact.

Which home design trends are you most excited to try this year?