We take staging to a whole new level - DeClute Real Estate | Toronto Beach Real Estate

We stage it better! Don’t underestimate the value of home staging.

We understand the importance of professional staging and project management. That’s why we offer complimentary staging. We  are proud offer our clients the most current, most beautiful inventory of fine furnishings and décor items for their home. In fact, we understand the importance of staging so well that we actually went ahead and bought the staging company. We ensure it is always available, exclusively to, and at the disposal of our clients needs.

When it comes to styling, sourcing and design, let us do the work for you and manage the project.

We take the stress out of selling.

Our services don't stop at staging.

We want your new home to look even better than the one you sold. Ask us about our after-sale design services. Offered exclusively to our clients at Union Realty, home design, styling and sourcing of beautiful furnishings and decor with wholesale or preferred pricing. Our after sales service is second to none.