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Our April newsletter is filled with fun facts! Did you know that in April of 2017 the real estate market hit an all-time high for the year in the east end? So far this year transactions are down but our average sale prices in the east end remain stable and strong. That’s no April fool’s joke although the weather has been!

During the month of April, we typically stage more than 20 houses. That’s a lot of demand for the latest accessories, end tables, occasional chairs, dining chairs and sofas, with over 12,000 sq. feet of beautiful staging furniture we are totally ready and set to go and we have more than enough inventory to stage any and every home we list.  Our goal is always to elevate the look and feel of your home so you get the most when it comes to selling. 

Fun fact – Nobody stages it better. This is another one of the many benefits of having two top brands working together to support our clients. When it comes to staging we have three times the inventory of the single teams and three times the staging crew. We invest heavily in our staging and our client support systems and we work together to make sure our clients have the exceptional experience that they have come to expect with over three generations of experience in our market place. Another fun fact – You can purchase staging and marketing items, but experience is one thing that you cannot buy. When experience and knowledge count give us a call. 

Did you know that National Sibling’s Day falls on April 10th? Do you ever wonder if two sets of siblings can work together? The fact is that for us it works really well – just like any family. We count on each other and what could be better than working with your brother or sister? Working with sets of siblings is the answer. The real question is which one is Melanie, and which one is Lindsay, or who’s older Rick or Rochelle?  

Give us a call or pop into one of our offices and we will let you in on those fun facts and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the market, who’s who, who’s older or give you an update on the value of your home.

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