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When you are starting your career in real estate, one of the biggest decisions that you will face is whether to be a solo, individual agent or to become part of a real estate team.

It can be a daunting decision, either way. As a solo agent, you are responsible for building a business from scratch, establishing a new brand, developing a value proposition and gaining a market share. With approximately 89,000 members in the Toronto Region Real Estate Board, the road to success can be a steep hill to climb when you are standing alone, at the bottom.


Let’s look at the benefits of joining a team


Focus on finding a real estate team with a good market share. You will do best with a team that is well established and also continues to grow in market share. Momentum is important in real estate sales.

Typically, when joining a team, you be given access to the tools of the trade without having to design and develop a brand of your own. Immediate access to business cards, “For Sale” and “Open House” signs, a website and access to social media channels will give you a quick start, for sure.

A real estate team will support you with the many, small details you may not have covered in school and will offer guidance through your first few appointments. New agents have many practical questions such as “How do I book an appointment?”, “How do I open a lockbox?”, and “What does this term mean?”. Your team will be there to answer all your questions.

Real Estate is a language of its own, so make sure you choose a team that really speaks the language. A team will support and guide you as a new agent, so that you are not left scrambling to figure out the basics while you are struggling to get a sale.

Every real estate team works differently. Some teams offer structured training and support, some teams give the agents independence to work on their own and learn the ropes along the way. If you make the decision to join a team, it is important that you find the right team for you and your future clients.


What are the benefits of joining our team?


At DeClute, Real Estate is the language we speak. We have refined both the art of real estate and the art of building a real estate team. As the only multigenerational team in the East End, we have been working together in a community over competition environment for four generations.

We offer a complete New Agent Package with everything you need to succeed. We begin with professional headshots and beautifully branded marketing materials and business cards. We want the world to know who you are and that you are associated with us.

Our Agent Mentoring Program assures you and your clients that you will have the knowledge, support and experience of our team leaders behind you to win the business and develop your skills and confidence. As an agent with the DeClute Team, you are never left wondering who you can ask for help – we mentor our agents every step of the way, 24/7, because we know that real estate never sleeps.

We offer exclusive access to an Agent Onboarding Program, where new agents will learn all aspects of the business and the real estate industry, while receiving the support necessary to succeed and hit the ground running in sales, at the same time. In addition to an abundance of leads, we also provide new agents with regularly scheduled skills training sessions, in-person and virtual mentoring, accounting and financial support, investment and business development opportunities, technology and application access, and one of the best administrative support teams you’ll find in the city. Our team is made up of real people with real answers to all of your questions.

Helping you learn from the ground up helps us get to know you as well, which is important as team culture is one of DeClute’s core values. We believe that the way we treat each other sets the tone for all of our business dealings, both inside and outside the office.

Above all, we value our community and our clients. And so, it is a priority for us to help our new agents learn to engage with our community and clients in a way that connects everyone on a deep level and sets our agents up for success in this ultra-competitive business.

Thinking about joining a team? We’re happy to set up an in-person or virtual meeting to answer any additional questions you have. Book your introduction here!

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