Reach Out Today Reach Out Today

As we head into the final stretch of summer, lots of people may be starting to think about the Fall, and that means more time indoors, kids heading back to school, and some of our most beautiful seasonal changes with colourful leaves and autumn gardens on the horizon.

There are a few things we can do at home to prepare for September, when many items are rerouted indoors including patio furniture, cushions, bikes, tools, pool equipment etc. Many of us will also be unearthing backpacks, school supplies, raincoats, rakes and so much more to prepare for the upcoming season. What it all comes down to is… storage! Good thoughtful storage, whether its closet organizers, pantries, basement workshops or the garage, is not only a hugely important part of our homes, but is also a hugely important part of day to day organization and perhaps most important — keeping our sanity. Most of us use our bedroom closets, front entry closets, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities and laundry rooms several times a day, and when things are messy and unorganized its a waste of our precious time and often a source of frustration. If you have a budget for a few home improvements, think about spending some of it on improving your storage – whether it’s just some new baskets at the front door or a whole wall of shelves in the garage. You can download websites to help with ideas, design your own solutions, or you can hire experts to come in and offer valuable advice. Whatever you choose, I can guarantee that creating better or additional storage will be worth it, and reduce the question “hey, has anyone seen the…” that I for one seem to say on a daily basis! 

Enjoy these last dog days of summer, they are some of the best.