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Expecting a bundle of joy, or just want to make your home safer for guests with children? There are a number of simple ways to baby proof each room in your house to minimize accidents and make it a welcoming, safe space for babies and toddlers. Here’s how. 

Secure furniture

Make sure heavy furniture — like dressers, desks, and shelving units — can’t fall over if a child tries to climb up on them. Check that they’re level, and use brackets to attach them securely to the wall. 

Cover electrical outlets

Outlets are too tempting for tiny fingers. Use certified outlet covers and plugs to avoid any shocks. 

Pad sharp corners and edges

Coffee and dining tables, fireplaces, chairs, dressers — these could all have sharp edges and corners that pose a hazard to babies and toddlers. Adhesive foam edges on corners will do the trick, or use old tennis balls as bumpers for a DIY solution. 

Block off the stairs

Use properly installed gates to close off the top and bottom of every staircase so babies can’t climb up the stairs or tumble down them.

Lock cabinets and drawers

Ensure prying hands can’t open drawers and cabinets and grab harmful substances, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. There are a variety of speciality guards and locks that can prevent little ones from opening these storage spots. Tip: Place medication, vitamins, and household cleaners on top shelves to be extra cautious.

Take an inventory of plants

Certain houseplants can be dangerous to kids (and even to pets) if they ingest them, including pothos and philodendron. Place these where they can’t be reached.

Check for choking hazards

Keep small objects and toys off the ground and out of reach. Tip: If an item can fit easily through the hole of a toilet paper roll, it’s a choking hazard. 

Tidy up cords

Electronic wires and cords are appealing for little hands and mouths (especially teething babies). Unplug them when possible, or tuck or hook them out of sight. Check that window blind cords are also unaccessible.

What’s your best baby proofing tip?