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The size of your family living under one roof may change throughout your lifetime, but generally, your home will not make the same adjustments. Different life stages come with new needs, which often means moving. Whether your family is expanding and you need to upsize, or you’re a recent empty nester, here’s some insight.


Growing families


When is it time to upsize?

If you’re asking, it probably means you need more space. Maybe you’ve run out of bedrooms, need home office space, want a backyard for a pet, or would like to accommodate multi-generational living. Bottom line: you’ll know when it’s time to upsize your home.


How do I find the right neighbourhood for my family?

The right neighbourhood is a personal preference, but there are factors to consider to narrow down options. For example, school districts, sports programs, access to parks and green space, and safety are all priorities if you have kids, and there’s plenty of information out there. Do your research and scope out neighbourhoods—spend time walking and driving around, visit local businesses, and even talk to residents if you can.


Suburbs versus the city: how do I choose?

Again, location comes down to personal needs, but it’s also a lifestyle choice. Weigh the factors that differ between suburban and city living, like commute times, walk-ability, how many vehicles you need, and access to attractions and entertainment. This decision may also be influenced by your budget—you’ll want to check how much your current home is worth, and talk to an experienced real estate agent who can work with you to sell your home.


Empty nesters


When is it time to downsize?

You don’t necessarily have to downsize just because your nest is empty–some people enjoy having extra space! But if your home starts feeling too big, or it becomes difficult to maintain, it might be time to think about downsizing to a more manageable property.


How do I declutter my home?

Preparing a family home for sale can seem like a daunting task. Here are a few decluttering tips to make it easier:

  • Give yourself time and start the process early so it’s not overwhelming
  • Break it down into manageable tasks, such as by room
  • Enlist family members to help
  • Make a plan for getting rid of items: donate them, have a garage sale, pass them on to family members, or rent a dumpster for removal
  • For the items you don’t want to get rid of, find short or long-term storage options in your area


How do I move out of the city, and where do I go?

Is there a town or community that’s piqued your interest in the past? Downsizing is a good opportunity to explore a new area outside of the city. If you’re searching for a smaller house, it’s also worth considering properties like condos and condo townhomes that have lower maintenance and often come with amenities.


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