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It’s hard to believe that back-to-school season is already here—and while it’s a stressful time for parents in its own way, it’s often a challenging time for kids as well. Since so much change all at once can be difficult for everyone, here are a few tips to help make the back-to-school transition a bit easier.

Do a run-through 

If kids are entering school for the first time or switching to a new school after a move, a practice run of day one can be helpful—for both the kids and parents. Many schools offer pre-first-day walkthroughs, drop-in visits, or meet-the-teacher days, which can go a long way to calming first-day jitters. Even rehearsing the walk, drive, or transit route to school can mentally prep kids.

Talk to your kids

Sometimes just giving kids the space to express their feelings about heading off to school can be incredibly helpful. Ask them if they have any worries about going to school, but also about what they’re excited about.

Help them get excited

If your kids express more concerns than excitement about what school entails, help them focus on the positive by providing a few encouraging ideas for what they can look forward to. Tell them about extracurriculars they could get involved in, like joining sports teams or learning an instrument, and ask them about any goals for the year.

Let them make their own choices

Giving your kids some agency over their school-day routine, outfit, and even lunch can help them feel a sense of control in a situation they may be nervous about. Encourage them to lay out their own clothes, pack their own backpack, and pick snacks to pack for lunch.

Make the first day special

Start off on a positive note with a favourite breakfast, and pack a special toy or book for younger kids. You can also give them something to look forward to at the end of the first school day, like a treat or fun activity. 

What are your tips for making the transition to school easier?