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Coinciding with spring, St. Patrick’s Day is a fun opportunity to celebrate the fresh new season. If you’re planning on hosting an Irish-themed gathering, or just want to add a little excitement to your family dinner, here are some easy ideas for getting festive this year. 

Pick a colour scheme

Green is the obvious choice for St. Patrick’s Day decor, but gold, brass, and silver pair nicely with emerald hues. Dishware, cutlery, vessels and vases — there’s lots of opportunity to add complementary tones.

Use natural materials & classic patterns

Try incorporating soft textiles like linen and cotton into your design for the day — as a table runner, napkins, tablecloth, bunting or pennants. Opt for classic patterns like gingham, checkered, or stripes for a cozy feel. Materials like wicker, jute, and wood add nice accents, too.

Play with height

Playing with dimension makes for an eye-catching tablescape. Use candles, vases, and stemware of different heights to create variance, or repurpose items like branches, stumps, or upside-down earthenware or ramekins to make unique pedestals.

Get crafty

There’s lots you can make yourself for this holiday’s decor. Get the kids involved in crafts like DIY shamrocks, paper garlands, or a festive wreath. Lean into common motifs, like pots of gold, which can be fun party favours for guests to take home.

Add a fresh feel

Take the opportunity to bring the outside indoors on St. Patrick’s Day. Fresh flowers like baby’s breath and pussy willows spread among multiple vases adds a wild look, while in-season tulips and lilacs are more polished. Get creative with pots of herbs and clover, or even lay a bed of moss down the centre of the table to add that verdant green.

Don’t forget to serve classic Irish dishes to go with your themed tablescape, like slow-cooked beef stew, soda bread, and a pint of Guinness, of course!