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We would all love for the pandemic and its safety protocols to be a thing of the past….and it does feel more hopeful now that the Ontario Government has announced the final steps of its Reopening Plan.

The relaxing of Covid health protocols brings an end to the mandatory measures that have impacted real estate. Ontario is ending most mask mandates, including mandatory mask-wearing for real estate open houses effective, March 21st, 2022. Masking and physical distancing will no longer be required in real estate brokerages or at open houses.

These changes make us think carefully about you, our customers, as we plan to help you stay safe and feel comfortable.


How we can help:


We understand that the risk is not gone completely. We know that there are people with health vulnerabilities and people who are not yet comfortable without masks and physical distancing in public places.

We will happily accommodate your needs as we also navigate the public health policies. We encourage you to speak candidly with us about your personal levels of comfort when visiting homes or when opening your home up to potential buyers.

If you are not comfortable visiting an Open House, we would be happy to schedule a private showing. We will work to maintain social distancing and if you prefer to wear a mask you, of course you may do so. And, if we overlook something that would make you feel more comfortable, kindly let us know.


Looking forward


Throughout this pandemic, real estate has been deemed an essential service, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to continue to serve our community and our clients. At DeClute, our entire team has worked exceptionally hard to pivot as needed and to adhere to rapidly changing Public Health guidelines. We are committed to following the best advice and information as we do our best to keep everyone safe.

What we are really looking forward to is the warmer weather and to seeing many of you in person. We especially look forward to the spring blooms and to celebrating together. We will be hosting many fun in-person events and we hope to see you very soon.