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Can’t wait to spend time outside? Whether you have a backyard, patio or balcony, it’s time to get it prepped so you can enjoy it all spring and summer long. Here are some tips for preparing your outdoor space.

Unpack and check the patio furniture

Get those lounge chairs and tables ready for entertaining! Take them out of storage or unwrap them, inspect for any winter wear and tear, and wipe them down or clean them. You’ll want to make sure you use the correct products for the material, but generally warm, soapy water will do the trick on most surfaces.

Wash your deck and patio stones

After a long, harsh winter, you’ve got to check the deck. Brush off any debris, give it a good wash with the hose (or a power washer for more buildup), and see if any areas need restaining. A thorough power wash will work well on patio stones too- and remember to pull any weeds that may have sprung through the cracks.

Clean the BBQ

One of the best things about outdoor entertaining? Barbequing! Give the BBQ a good clean—inside and out—and check that it’s still in good working condition. Don’t forget to buy fuel, and get your BBQ tools grill-ready, too.

Get your green thumb going

First, inspect your lawn to check if any bare spots will need reseeding. And whether you have beds, pots, or planters, stock up at your local garden centre, get your hands dirty, and start planting so you can enjoy blooms and veggies all spring and summer long. If you’re unsure what flower varieties to plant in the spring, here are some varieties to try.

Take inventory

Seeing your outdoor space after the winter might illuminate some sprucing-up ideas. Whether it’s a deck or fence makeover, landscaping, or adding a pergola for entertaining, start planning early so you can get maximum enjoyment out of your new space.

Add a touch of style

Once your outdoor space is in tip-top shape, it’s ready for some personal touches. String lights, an outdoor rug, cozy cushions, blankets, and table accessories are easy and affordable ways to make it your own oasis.

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