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This is the month that many of us decide to love it or list it. It is also the month that we can begin to add tulips to our listing photos and we know that spring is not really that far away.

February is my favourite month of the year to visit our 12,000 sq foot staging warehouse. Our gorgeous new furnishing and decor items are all arriving, being itemized and added to our inventory of beautiful staging. Our abundant new stock is totally stunning. So, if you do decide not to love it — then call us to list it.

February is a busy month and both of our offices are buzzing with activity. We make sure to take time out to celebrate and to show our gratitude. We celebrate our community by hosting our annual BBQ beach party at the Out Of The Cold program for those in our community who need a warm meal.

Our offices are always a hopping at this time of year with a long list of new properties coming to the market and lots of buyers getting their pens ready to sign an offer when we find them that perfect home.

We celebrate not only Valentine’s Day but Family Day as well. Our Family Day plans are in full swing with our traditional DeClute Family Day skate at Ted Reeve arena and our annual Wright Group Movie Day at The Fox Theatre on Queen St. Back to back events and we are confident that we have something that will appeal to everyone, so do please join us at either (or both!). The strength and power of our two brands working together doesn’t just stop with an exceptional service and unsurpassed experience it also takes our client events to the next level. Check out our Elite Escapes, offered exclusively to our Wright & DeClute clients. What a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, March Break or Reading Week with an Elite escape.

Although it is a short month it’s a busy one. We all look forward to seeing you and your families at one of our client events, a weekend open house or pop into either of our offices anytime we would be happy to tell you about our concierge level of service and give you a market update.

Remember, the experience and power of two brands working together is the advantage you need in this market whether buying or selling.

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