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As eco-friendly options such as electric vehicles become more readily available for consumers and climate change becomes an even greater concern, it makes sense that housing is also shifting to more sustainable options.
Sustainable housing in Canada is on the increase not only because of environmental concerns, but because it can also be more efficient (meaning cost-saving) for homeowners in the long run. But what makes a home eco-conscious in Canada?


Government standards

As part of the Government of Canada’s initiative to tackle climate change, the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change was launched which includes a focus on sustainability for homes and buildings. Certain green initiatives (like LEED) promote new standards and building codes to improve energy efficiency.
New programs are also available to homeowners so they can take responsibility for making their homes more environmentally friendly, such as the Canada Greener Homes Grant.


Energy-efficient design

Many new homes are being built with the environment in mind, starting with innovative designs that are rising in popularity across the country. For example, net-zero or passive homes are designed to focus on energy efficiency that minimizes the need for heating and cooling systems—thereby reducing both energy use and utility costs.


Materials and technologies

Designers and builders are getting creative when it comes to green materials and technologies for new homes. In addition to using reclaimed or recycled materials where possible, materials like bamboo, cork, straw, rammed earth, and hempcrete are more eco-friendly options. Homes are also being designed with smart home technologies from the get-go to help maximize energy efficiency.


A community mindset

Sustainability is tied to a community mentality. Structuring new housing developments around shared gardens, green spaces, and energy systems will decrease individual consumption and increase homeowners’ sense of community.


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