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Spring has finally sprung and not only are the flower bulbs and buds blooming, so is our real estate market. I absolutely love this time of year, not only am I passionate about gardening (and sunshine) I have a love for all things real estate.

When the seasons change so does the décor. When I can bring out the patio furniture and get the front verandah and back porch all set up, I know the season has begun. From the pops of colour that kick off the season in the garden with the crocuses and tulips to the beautiful spring inspirations found at my favourite house and garden shops — I can tell it’s going to be a great season. 

Our real estate market is shaping up in much the same way. Although the market started a bit later this year it is clear that it is ready to blossom just like the bulbs. In our brokerage we track everything and watch for all micro market indicators as well as watching the macro markets. These indicators help predict when the time is right to launch a listing for a seller or present a pre-emptive offer for a buyer. We monitor online activity, along with all calls and showing activity of both buyers and sellers. Being an independent brokerage free from corporate alliances we are free to collaborate and consult with the entire market place and carefully monitor all information. Having a real estate business established over four generations we have an expansive amount of data and client information which allows us to look at trends combined with predictive analytics for a good solid and reliable indication of what’s ahead.Our leadership team each have more than 20 years of personal real estate knowledge and experience which is so valuable when understanding and timing the market.

When I hit the garden, I know that even the same plants will progress at different stages depending not just on the soil and the sun but also on many other things – the quality of seeds, location, water, or how much attention they are getting just to name a few. It is the same with real estate. Location being the most important, but there are many variables. Each and every neighbourhood has unique and important features which can vary sometimes even from street to street. Things like school districts, parking restrictions, walkability scores, amenities, community centres and open applications for changes in the neighbourhood.

If you are thinking about hitting the real estate market this spring give us a call. Real estate is the language we speak. We are happy to share our outlook and let you know how the spring has affected the value of your property. If you have a love of gardening, like I do, send us a photo of your favourite spring blooms, we would love to share them on our social media pages.

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