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We all have a wishlist of features we’d love in our dream housewhether they’re all realistic or not is a different story. But if you’re thinking about selling your home, it’s helpful to know what buyers are prioritizing when they’re house hunting. Here are the top 10 features buyers are on the lookout for right now. 

A neutral colour palette

A home that’s painted in neutral colours, like whites and greys, is more move-in ready than one with lots of colourful accent walls and vibrant rooms. A neutral colour scheme lets the new homeowners take their time with design and décor, rather than needing to paint right away. 

Energy efficiencies

Nobody wants to buy a home where they’ll be facing big utility bills. Buyers look for energy-efficient windows, doors, appliances, and heating and cooling for cost savings. 

A modern kitchen

An updated kitchen makes a big impression on home buyers, and stainless steel appliances wow them even more. Contemporary finishes are appealing, such as white subway tile backsplash, granite countertops, and neutral-coloured cabinets.

A spacious pantry

Indoor storage options can be hard to come by, so a walk-in pantry with lots of space for organizing and storing food and small appliances is a big win for buyers. 

Hardwood floors

Buyers get excited about beautiful, well-maintained hardwood floors that add warmth to a room. Carpet usually requires a good cleaning and upkeep, and it’s often ripped out anyway.

Walk-in closets

A walk-in closet in the bedroom is a true luxury and an instant highlight for buyers. If they can imagine themselves getting ready there, there’s a good chance they can also imagine themselves buying the house. 

A good roof

Does the roof look like it was updated recently, or are shingles or tiles falling off? Curb appeal is important, and buyers will certainly look to see if the roof is in good shape, or if it’s a potential expense down the road. 

A laundry room

A separate room or space for doing laundry is a real luxury. The out of sight, out of mind option is a highlight for buyers, who won’t need to get creative with where to keep, hang, and fold laundry.

Patios and outdoor space

Backyard space is a high priority, especially while we’re spending more time at home. Not only do patios and backyards extend the living space of a house, but buyers can fall in love with a property based on its potential for outdoor relaxing, playing, and entertaining. 

Garage and outdoor storage space 

A safe place to park? A huge asset. The lack of storage space for sports equipment and outdoor items like gardening tools can be a huge pain point, so a spacious garage, and even sheds, can be a coveted feature.

Thinking about selling your home, or looking for some of these features in a new house? Contact us today for help.


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