We have seen so many beautiful high-end homes with gorgeous and colourful dog beds, many boasting a doggy mudroom. That is something that made us green with envy. For the animal lover in all of us, there is nothing like the addition of a crisp, clean, and easy-to-use dog washing station in your home. We have seen a variety of fabulous dog washing stalls tucked into various closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and utility spaces.

We were so impressed with the idea of a doggy washing station that we had to add one in our new office for our fur loving friends and clients to use. Yes, it is a full-fledged washing station and it is all yours!

We are happy to offer you the absolute perfect place to corral your dog and shower him off on the way back home after a long muddy walk or a short doggy play date at the Beach.  If you find yourself headed back up Beech Avenue and you notice Fido hasn’t left as much of the sand on the beach as you would like, take us up on our practical solution and pop in to shower him off. We even keep a jar of special treats for such an occasion.

Don’t worry, we will keep our distance and of course, masks are mandatory. Anyone who has ever struggled with dog bathing knows it can be a wet, messy, and exhausting activity. We wanted to make this easy for you. A walk-in dog bath tucked away in a nice quiet corner, just for you and your furry friend. See you soon and enjoy your next walk with Fido!

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