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As industry leaders and top selling agents in the city with a long-standing reputation of serving our clients and the community, we are often called upon by local and national media for our opinions and insight to the Toronto real estate market.

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REM Online

REM Online | April 4th 2019

Team of teams forms Union Realty in Toronto

The Globe and Mail

Real Estate | February 15th 2019

As listings slow, competition is reignited.

The Globe and Mail

Real Estate | August 3rd 2018

Toronto market shows signs of firming.

The Globe and Mail

Real Estate | April 27th 2018

Buyers arrive with cool determination.

The Toronto Star

Business | January 17th 2018

Rising mortgage rates unlikely to slow down hot Toronto housing market.

Toronto Life

House of the Week | October 5th 2017

House of the Week: $6 million for a home in the Beaches that’s actually on a beach

The Globe and Mail

Real Estate | September 29th 2017

The Bullies are Back in Toronto's Housing Market.

Toronto Life

Houses | February 1st 2017

$1.4 million for a house near the east-end waterfront

The Globe and Mail

Real Estate | January 27th 2017

Buyers Keen, Sellers Holding Back.

The Globe and Mail

Real Estate | October 20th 2016

For some new housing market rules make no difference.

Toronto Life

Houses | July 29th 2016

How a stager transformed a knick-knack-filled Beaches home into a $1.2 million stunner

Toronto Life

Sale of the Week | July 25th 2016

The $850,000 Beaches home that proves a little patience can pay off

The Globe and Mail

Real Estate | February 11th 2016

As buyers rush to get ahead of real estate rule changes, spring market heats up

The Toronto Star

Home of the Week | December 19th 2015

Style meets comfort in Beach Home

The Globe and Mail

Home of the Week: | June 4th 2015

Grand Beaches home hugs Glen Stewart Ravine

The Toronto Star

A new mortgage rate low — 1.49% | April 9th 2015

Credit union looks to boost profile — and woo buyers — with lowest posted rate ever.

The Globe and Mail

Slumping oil mixes the signals of where market is headed | January 16th 2015

Real estate industry players and pundits are watching for any early signs of a thaw in the Canadian housing tundra. So far, the signals are mixed: some layers of the market are chilled while others appear ready to spring to life.


Rick DeClute on CTV | November 17th 2014

Real estate agents seeing no signs of a slowdown in the market.

The Globe and Mail

High bidding in High Park and other tales of the Toronto real estate market | September 18th 2014

Another batch of unusual listings will arrive on the market soon as Toronto Community Housing continues the sell-off of some of its holdings.

The Globe and Mail

Home of the Week | June 20th 2014

For this Toronto home, it’s all about the view.

The Globe and Mail

In Toronto, sometimes meeting the asking price just isn’t enough | May 15th 2014

Bidding wars that lead to offers six figures over asking have become routine in Toronto’s spring market.

The Toronto Star

The Houses That Don't Sell | May 8th 2014

Even in Toronto’s hot housing market, buyers aren’t always buying it.

The Globe and Mail

The Toronto market is hungry, but houses are in short supply | February 20th 2014

“Rochelle DeClute, of DeClute Real Estate Inc., says her firm launched three listings on Tuesday. “We could easily use 10 more,” says Ms. DeClute, who specializes in the Beaches.

The Globe and Mail

Think the Ice Storm froze Toronto real estate? No way | January 9th 2014

“What a crazy time,” says Rochelle DeClute of the December ice storm that immobilized almost everyone in Toronto except for those dauntless real estate buyers and sellers.

Beach Metro News

Sale of rare beachfront properties stalled by red tape | October 22nd 2013

Last-minute paperwork is the only thing delaying “For Sale” signs at four Toronto Community Housing homes that are right along the Kew Beach lakefront.

The Globe and Mail

Houses with issues: TCH selloff homes come with baggage | August 22nd 2013

Toronto may have an abundance of glamorous towers and glass-walled condo suites on the market, but it’s the tattered houses being auctioned off by Toronto Community Housing Corp.

Toronto News 24

DeClute Lights up the Beaches | December 9th 2012

The 5th annual "Light Up The Beaches" event is the biggest of the many community-based projects that Toronto realtor Rick DeClute and his associates are involved with.

Local Magazine

Real Estate: Generation to Generation | October 22nd 2012

It’s hard not to notice that real estate has become a ‘family affair’ in our area. We were curious to find out why so many realtors are choosing to make their businesses multi-generational.


DeClute Real Estate agent speaks on Toronto market | September 9th 2011

CTV News came to DeClute Real Estate expert for answers to what the Bank of Canada rate announcement means to the Toronto real estate market.

The National Post

Extreme Staging | May 22nd 2010

Good-looking home is a more profitable one.