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Did you know that the bright lights and colours of holiday decorations can trigger the feel-good hormone called dopamine and increase our happiness? Yes, holiday decorations can actually lift our mood and give us energy! Perhaps this is why, more than ever this holiday season, neighbours appreciated the lights and festive spirit that decorated community homes and offices. And this is why we are so excited to bring back the twinkling lights of our annual Light up the Beach this coming year and make it even more joyful than ever!

Are you someone who leaves your decorations up to brighten the long days of winter? Or, do you prefer to take them down at the stroke of midnight on January 1st? Either way, here are our top tips to store your decorations and keep them organized for quick and easy decorating next holiday season:


Use ziplock bags

Placing your ornaments in Ziploc bags will help to separate them and keep them from breaking in the bin. This also gives you an option to sort your decorations by colour/size/style so that by the time the holidays come around, it will be easy to pull them out and decorate all over again.


Wrap string lights around cardboard or coffee tins

Nothing is more frustrating than having to spend hours untangling your lights, only to discover that one of the bulbs is out. Check that the lights work before you store them. And wrap the lights around cardboard to ensure less time setting up and more time to enjoy them once they are hung.

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Recycle gift boxes, tissue paper and storage containers

Not only is this a great way to keep your decorations organized and intact, but it’s also more sustainable than buying storage organizers! Rather than throwing out the containers you get throughout the year, reusing them helps you and helps the environment.


Hang wreaths on a clothes rack

Wreaths are some of our favourite holiday decor pieces – their versatile styles can suit everyone’s tastes. Hang them on a clothes rack for easy access and organization. You can even arrange the wreaths by colour, size, holiday theme and more!

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Wrap your tree in a sheet or blanket

Artificial trees have their advantages, including that you have access to them all year round. One disadvantage, however, is that their boxes tend to disintegrate throughout the years, leaving you to find an alternative way to keep your tree free of dust. Wrap your artificial tree in an old, unused flat sheet to keep it clean and make it easier to move around when you need it.


Store everything in airtight containers

Decorations are commonly kept out of sight in the attic or basement where they can be exposed to drastically changing temperatures. By sealing them in bins with tight lids, you can be sure your decorations will be in great shape next year when it is time to hang them again.