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The cold days of winter are almost here. What is one important item that homeowners and renters should check is working properly? The furnace. Not only does inspecting your furnace help to ensure that you will have no heating issues during the winter, (which will then save you money in costly repairs), but inspecting your furnace is also necessary for home safety and fire prevention. Here’s how to prep your furnace for the upcoming chilly months.

Check it consistently

Even though you don’t use your furnace year-round, it’s smart to check it twice a year—once before the cold arrives, and then again, at the end of the season to ensure everything is running smoothly so that you won’t run into issues when it’s least convenient. Nobody wants to be stuck without heat when the temperature drops!

Change the filter 

To maximize your furnace’s heating efficiency and to purify the air circulating through your home, change the furnace filter according to your owner’s manual. The manual should have information about which size and type of filter your furnace requires, and how often you should swap it out. Filters help trap airborne allergens, dust, and dirt, and they’re especially important if you have pets. They can be changed easily yourself: just turn off the furnace, locate the old filter, slide it out, and then slide the new one in. 

Clean around your furnace

Changing the filter isn’t the only cleaning you should do to make sure your furnace is working optimally. Vacuum up any dirt and dust that’s accumulated around the furnace itself, and make sure it isn’t obstructed for easy access should there be any issues.

Test your thermostat

While you’re getting your furnace ready for winter, it’s also a good idea to check that your thermostat is working properly. If you haven’t already, you can consider switching to a smart thermostat in order to program your home’s heating and cooling system efficiently around your schedule. Check out other energy efficient incentives for homeowners, too.

Call a professional

To make sure your furnace is in great shape and to be extra safe, it’s best to have a technician inspect and test it yearly, if possible. A technician can check that the furnace is running properly and can clean it thoroughly. They can even let you know if it’s the best type of furnace for your home.

Once your furnace is prepped, it’s time to tackle the rest of your house. Learn how with our winter home maintenance checklist