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It’s time to get the holiday decorations out of storage, so why not shake things up indoors this year? If you have a bare mantel beckoning for some festive cheer, try these tips and tricks for decorating and if you don’t have a mantel, you can easily dress up a shelf or window ledge for the season.


Choose a theme

Give your mantel a cohesive look by deciding on a theme, whether that’s a traditional aesthetic with red and green, a rustic theme with wooden accents, a silver and white winter wonderland, or any other theme that brings you joy.


Layer, layer, layer!

You can forgo minimalism when it comes to decking the halls, so layer on the holiday decor for full impact. From hanging a wreath on the wall, to laying greenery with perfectly placed candles and baubles, to extra touches like lanterns and banners, finetune your mantel by layering and adjusting as you go.


Create a focal point

While your mantel decor doesn’t need to be symmetrical, decide on a focal point that will draw attention right away. Try using height (think a grouping of tall candles), colour (like a pop of gold amidst a white theme), or size (like statement art hung above the mantel).


Add a fresh garland

Using a lush evergreen garland or bough adds authenticity and is a simple way to bring nature indoors plus it smells wonderful. Find garland at your local nursery, florist, or grocery store. Tip: Trim and soak the ends of your garland in water overnight before use to keep the needles from browning and dropping. Just ensure it’s completely dry before you start decorating.


Make it warm and cozy

The holidays are about adding warmth to dark days, so make sure to integrate lighting throughout your mantel display. Select candles (try using glass votives, candelabras or battery operated candles for safety) or weave in string lights for some twinkle.


Add some personality

There are lots of creative ways to make your holiday mantel your own. Try using wooden letters, DIY garlands made of paper, pom-poms or beads, mini trees, nutcrackers, handmade bows or vintage or thrifted pieces for a personal touch.


Add stockings

Done decorating? Don’t forget to hang your stockings with care to complete the look, and then sit back, relax and enjoy your handiwork.


  1. Wonderful tips on how to create a beautiful and festive Christmas mantel. I love the idea of layering. 👌

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